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Diet choices

Make Good Diet Choices

When it comes to eating and diet, there are hundreds even thousands of paths that you could choose.  It can be touch to know which diet choices are right for you.  Some diets favor restricting certain type of food, while…

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Resolutions Check In

-By Brett Qualls, PT, DPT, OCS We are now a week into the year 2019.  How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?  If you are like most people, your enthusiasm for your resolutions is probably starting to lose…

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Water Aerobics – Making a Splash!

-By Brett Qualls, PT, DPT, OCS We are quickly approaching pool season in the desert!  While the pool is a great place to relax and enjoy an adult beverage, its also a great place to get some really good exercise. …

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Nap Time Its Not Just For The Kids

-By Brett Qualls, PT, DPT, OCS Remember when I made the plan to get more sleep?  Unfortunately, this has not really been panning out.  The most decent alternative: naps!  Napping may sound like a juvenile alternative, but it is one…

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